Installing Bookshelves

With over 50 tons of automotive service shop manuals, Haynes and Chilton manuals, car enthusiast books, and other automotive specialty books waiting in our warehouse, it’s time to get our warehouse ready.

First we needed to install new carpet in the office area. We decided on carpet tiles because we could install them ourselves. And they’re more eco-friendly. If an area gets damaged or wears out, we can just replace the tiles for that area instead of replacing carpet for the whole area.

Our friend Beverly, who was a professional tile installer, advised us on the layout. Alex did most of the work. Following Bev’s advice, the project came out great.

Melinda found some instructions on YouTube for installing cove base. Working together, Alex and Melinda finished the carpet/cove base installation.

With that done, we’re ready to start setting up the bookshelves.

We’re using used library bookshelves to hold the shop manuals and other automotive books. Our first batch of shelves has arrived. Alex shows how he’s installing them in this short video:


Ethyl’s Garage: The Beginning